Saturday, May 31, 2008

Teen blames kiss for her drunken driving arrest

Gianna Vigliotti, who was pulled over by police as she swerved in and out of her lane on Northern Boulevard in Manhasset Friday night, said that's exactly what happened to her, according to court documents.

After the 17-year-old from Glen Cove recorded a .15 percent blood-alcohol level in a portable breath test - nearly the twice the legal limit of .08 percent - she told the officer who pulled her over, "I didn't drink! I was kissing a boy who was drunk," according to the police report.

Vigliotti's (the dumb-ass chick's) attorney, Dennis Lemke of Mineola, said his client and her family are devastated by the charge


Vigliotti's speech was slurred... and he (Cop) found four full beer bottles under the passenger seat of her Volkswagen and an empty beer can in her purse

She may be an idiot, but for her family to act like this story of hers could be real explains a lot. I hope my next jury duty involves someone like this.'s a picture of the genius.

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