Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Sterve In Wanhope And Distress

Watching the media's reaction to Sarah Palin reminds me of one of the main themes from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, that is: Women are the root cause of evil in mankind, either by directly plotting misdeeds or by innocently bringing out men's inherently evil sides.

Whether it's Elenor Clift blaming Palin's scheming for a reignited culture war or the folks at Salon who find her so utterly stupid that she couldn't possibly be qualified as a VEEP. Bob Beckel said she couldn't win a high school debate and the NYT editorialized that she is plotting to be more powerful than Darth Chaney.

The common theme since Gov. Palin was chosen for the VEEP slot is that a conservative woman must be flawed. Liberals just can not imagine the existence of an emotionally balanced conservative woman. The mere thought of it drives them mad and is usually followed by fits of misogynistic outbursts.

I think Gov. Palin has been surprised by the depth of the knee jerk hatred liberals harbor for a conservative woman. She looked a little wide-eyed with Charlie and Katie, but emerged much more prepared to deal with an adversarial media. If she spends the rest of the campaign performing like she did on Thursday, she will put herself in the drivers seat for 2012. I say 2012, because I watch McCain campaign with wanhope and distress.

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