Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thomasville, AL: End Of Summer Purge

Its been a long summer. Football is here and now is a good time to clear out the notebook.


My nephew got a ticket for driving without a seat belt. It cost him $25. No I'm not missing a zero. As you recall, the Thomasville Times warned you on June 4th about the click it or ticket program this summer. Tsk Tsk.


A local Doctor from India brought back some seeds to plant in Alabama soil. Shhhhh...Don't tell the USDA, but I think we have a new invasive species.

And grow they did. "He told us they would run, but we didn't think they'd take over the whole world," Stephens joked. The two vines have grown so rapidly of late, they have become intermingled and it's hard to tell one vine from another at first glance.

The broad green leaves resemble Kudzu and the vines have flowers that bloom in the early evening. The leaves when rubbed, give off a faint smell of peanut butter.

When taunted, the flowers growl and have a faint smell of flesh.


Ozelle Hubert sets a new record for the most meaningless election protest. He lost by 60%.

You should probably call Obama...oh you did. I'm sure he'll be putting you on his to do list...right after rewriting the national anthem.

He (Ozelle) said he also believed that the actions was a conspiracy of a special interest group in retaliation to Barack Obama being elected the nation's first African American president.

He sent a copy of the letter to Obama, state officials, the state Democratic Party, the U.S. Justice Department and the local media.

We'll be checking in on Ozelle to see how things progress.


And as I understand things, the mayor is still tired of conspiracies.


And for the reallly big show the Canebrake Players of Demopolis to put on the musical "Big River.

North East Passage...Open For First Time?

The sea lane or passage, from northern Europe to Asia, was sailed earlier this month. According to the Reuters and UK Telegraph, this was the first time:

They travelled from Ulsan, South Korea, in late July to Siberia by way of the North East Passage, a sea lane that, in years past, was avoided because of its heavy ice floes.

Scientists report that the Arctic Ocean ice cap has been shrinking to unprecedented levels in recent summers, because of global warming, opening up many passages that were ice-choked in earlier times.

The passage.

Turns out, believe it or not, they were wrong. Way wrong.

Andrew Orlowski at the UK Register, tracked down the original reporting and found more sloppy reporting (at best) or eco-terror mongering (standard operating procedures) from the MSM.

The route offers significant gains over the alternatives via Suez or the Cape, it's shorter, quicker and cheaper. But until technological advances in the early 20th Century it was considered too hazardous for commercial operation.

Since the 1930s the route has seen major ports spring up, carrying over 200,000 tons of freight passing through each year, although this declined with the fall of the Soviet Union.

The UK Independent still has this headline on their website:

A Triumph for Man, a Disaster for Mankind
Two ships are finishing the first commercial navigation of the fabled North-east Passage. It is an epic moment – but also a vivid sign of climate change in the Arctic

Media hype. Check. But where is the hysterical quote from Greenpeace? Oh hells yeah, we got that too.

"This is further proof that climate change is happening now," said Melanie Duchin, Arctic Expedition leader on board the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, who added that the development put greater pressure on world leaders to agree a major emissions cut at their Copenhagen meeting in December. "This is not a cause for celebration but cause for immediate action," she said.

I believe this is getting Salem Witch Trial crazy...in that these people really believe what they "feel" is true, therefore science must back it up. When you believe, facts back you up naturally. And when someone does research, they are apostates that are going straight to HELL!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Latest ACORN Video: San Diego

Whaaaat? Twelve underage girls? No problem. I got people that do that. And how much for the girl (Hanna).

So what do these 5 videos say about the main stream media. This story has been there for years. What about the big bad right wing conspiracy? Not to scary.

Here is the unlikely pair. I'm guessing it was Hanna that sold the image and not the guy. Maybe its just me.

Here is Jon Stewart's take as only he can do.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

9-12 Protest: Revenge Of The Gray Panthers

To be honest, I was really surprised by the number of young people that showed up today at the 9-12 rally. That was very encouraging.

To be really honest it was the Gray Panthers at the daytime/weekday townhalls who have done all the heavy lifting. Bravo to them. The members of congress thought that by holding town hall meetings at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, they would eliminate most of the opposition who have jobs and pay taxes.

What was forgotten is that the Gray Panthers wake up at 5 AM and are just getting loose by about 10 AM with a couple of pots of full-on cafinated coffee. It's their energy that carried the protest movement through the summer. It's their voting block that made the Democrats and their media wing at ABC/CBS/NBC reluctant to go after them harder than they did.

One of my favorite Gray Panthers.

A really old guy breaks down with emotion.

9-12. Ordinary Americans doing what they have always done best. Where do we go from here?

Watch the crowd build. Amazing video.

Friday, September 11, 2009

You Lie!

If Rep. Joe Wilson was looking to sell some T-shirts, he certainly is off to a good start. Its a pithy little slogan that has gotten everyone's attention.

How about this little video, Bush getting booed by the democrats while he discusses the need for social security reform.

Wilson was not only right to do it, but it should have been more coordinated. They should have chanted "let us in" or "talk to US" and made the issue about Obama refusing to discuss any republican ideas. The ideal time was right after Obama said, "I'll take ideas from everyone..." Its a shame that opportunity was missed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thomasville, AL: The Week That Was

It was another exciting week in Thomasville. The Marvin's store is moving forward, high school football is back, and then there was this:
Hunter Martin killed this 5-foot, six-inch rattlesnake while visiting with his dad, Moose Martin, in Millry over the weekend. The snake had seven rattles and two buttons. Martin, while attending Alabama Southern Community College, lives with his grandparents, Wilmer and Nancy Odom in Thomasville.

That's SEVEN rattles and TWO buttons people.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama Joins The Other Firsters: To Become UN Security Council Chair

So Obama can't play God...it's above his pay grade. And now he is going to chair the Security Council at the UN.

It has never happened before. I guess other presidents had a full plate. Isn't this, to turn his own phrase, below his pay grade?

Here's a funny:

“The council has a very important role to play in preventing the spread and use of nuclear weapons, and it’s the world’s principal body for dealing with global security cooperation,” Susan Rice, US envoy to the UN, said last week.

OK, where. Which country has been stopped exactly?

Maybe Obama just feels more comfortable with like minded people. You know the ones who blame this country first for everything.

Here is the current council:

The Council is composed of five permanent members — China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States — and ten non-permanent members (with year of term's end):

Austria (2010)
Japan (2010)
Uganda (2010)
Burkina Faso (2009)
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (2009)
Viet Nam (2009)
Costa Rica (2009)
Mexico (2010)
Croatia (2009)
Turkey (2010)

Now there is a group we can count on to do the right thing. Maybe this will give him a chance to catch up with family?

Monday, September 7, 2009

So Is It Tsars or Czars?

Really, it's important. The windbags at wiki cover Nixon's one czar, but fail to mention the 59 czars in the current White House.

From Wiki:

Tsar or czar[1] (Bulgarian цар, Russian: царь (help·info), Ukrainian: цар, in Serbian: цар / car, in scientific transliteration respectively car' and car), occasionally spelled csar or tzar in English, is a Slavic term with Bulgarian origins used to designate certain monarchs. The first ruler to adopt the title tsar was Simeon I of Bulgaria [2]

Originally, the title Czar (derived from Caesar) meant Emperor in the European medieval sense of the term, that is, a ruler who claims the same rank as a Roman emperor, with the approval of another emperor or a supreme ecclesiastical official (the Pope or the Ecumenical Patriarch).

Occasionally, the word could be used to designate other, non-Christian, supreme rulers. In Russia and Bulgaria the imperial connotations of the term were blurred with time and, by the 19th century, it had come to be viewed as an equivalent of King.[3][4]

"Tsar" was the official title of the supreme ruler in the following states:

Bulgaria in 913–1018, in 1185–1422 and in 1908–1946
Serbia in 1346–1371
Russia from about 1547 until 1721 (replaced in 1721 by imperator, but remained in common usage until 1917).
Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the last Tsar of Bulgaria, is the only living person who bore the Slavonic title Tsar.

So it's interchangable?

Maybe we should Americanize it even more... Xar!

I was going to do a Xena Warrior Princess thing here. You think it would be easy to find a pic of her, and you would be wrong. Apparently every half decent looking chick (and a few that were not) from the 1990's dressed up like Xena and it's on the internet now.

Like, I can't believe we had the same idea for a costume here in 1995.

OK, what was I talking about again?

Paint The Town (Venice) Red: Firsters Rail Against Capitalism

UPDATE: A picture of the lovely couple. Chavez blows kisses while Oliver Stone...naw that's just too easy.

Looking at the headlines from the Venice Film Festival, its hard not to notice the strong anti-capitalist theme throughout. Hollywood's favorite dictator, Hugo Chavez, is there and he brought his personal media consultant, Oliver Stone, with a fresh "documentary" about the beloved leaders "great life story."

Up on the screen, its Michael Moore's latest, "Capitalism, A Love Story."
A 2 plus hour scab picking exercise that concludes "Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil."

Taken as a whole, this Venice Film Festival looks like a gussied up political rally for Hate America Firsters...or just Firsters.

As the master scab picker, Moore has gutlessly picked subjects that play to his Firster base. Why not examine the horrors of political repression by modern-day dictators or the treatment of women in Muslim countries. Instead Moore chooses to make films that come across as being made by an overweight, hormonal teenager who is angry at a slightly overbearing father. Good thing for him he keeps choosing his father subjects well, because the really evil ones cut peoples throats, or worse - disinvite you to those fabulous Hollywood parties with the 10 count shrimp.

And how about ol' reliable, Oliver Stone. His "documentary" plays like a pre-teen girls' love letter complete with XOXOXO and a Hello Kitty stamp. Stone, the Lion of Hollywood Firsters, lovingly presents Hugo's story as Venezuela's "peaceful revolution" since Chavez came to power in 1998: that "he(Chavez), who grew up in a peasant family, is an emblematic figure of bottom-up change."

I guess being a Firster is like living a life of a perpetual child: you know where the dangers are and are able to avoid them while living at home and complaining about Dad.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

UPDATED: Things That Are Racist

Signatures on truther petitions.

Now that Van Johnson has been busted, his name on the dotted line was a ruse perpetrated by the man who could see that this would be a problem in the future...using his future cast computer the way that he does. Kind of like Thom Cruise using in Minority Report. Which sounds racist too.

Soooo, does that make the future racist?


Health Care Reform protesters (except for the ones biting the fingers off old people)

College Football Coaches (except for the black ones)

NHL Hockey.

Credit Cards.

Mortgage Applications.

Home Ownership.

Cash Money.


Breast Cancer.

Tax Reform.

Welfare Reform.


High Blood Pressure.

Flu. (all types)

Unites States Constitution.



Global Warming


Everything before 1848.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rockwood Tn Youth Crying Tears of Blood: Channeling The Regal Horned Lizard

No really! Tears of blood. They said they took him to a specialist (in blood tears?) and they were stumped.

Now for the news you won't get from the State Controlled Media.

And of course this seems like a good excuse for...From Dusk Till Dawn.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Skip Day? Obama Addresses Our Kids

Actually, the address to skool kidz on September 8th will be pretty bland. The real disturbing part is in the Dept of Education's website activities to follow the speech to our kids.

Michelle Malkin has a good wrap up here.

From the Dept of Ed website.

*What do you think the President wants us to do?

*Does the speech make you want to do anything?

*Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?

Create posters of their goals. Posters could be formatted in quadrants or puzzle pieces or trails marked with the labels: personal, academic, community, country. Each area could be labeled with three steps for achieving goals in those areas. It might make sense to focus on personal and academic so community and country goals come more readily.

• Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals.

I will probably send my kids, with their own essays and information. But not sending them would feel soooo right.