Sunday, September 6, 2009

UPDATED: Things That Are Racist

Signatures on truther petitions.

Now that Van Johnson has been busted, his name on the dotted line was a ruse perpetrated by the man who could see that this would be a problem in the future...using his future cast computer the way that he does. Kind of like Thom Cruise using in Minority Report. Which sounds racist too.

Soooo, does that make the future racist?


Health Care Reform protesters (except for the ones biting the fingers off old people)

College Football Coaches (except for the black ones)

NHL Hockey.

Credit Cards.

Mortgage Applications.

Home Ownership.

Cash Money.


Breast Cancer.

Tax Reform.

Welfare Reform.


High Blood Pressure.

Flu. (all types)

Unites States Constitution.



Global Warming


Everything before 1848.

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