Saturday, September 12, 2009

9-12 Protest: Revenge Of The Gray Panthers

To be honest, I was really surprised by the number of young people that showed up today at the 9-12 rally. That was very encouraging.

To be really honest it was the Gray Panthers at the daytime/weekday townhalls who have done all the heavy lifting. Bravo to them. The members of congress thought that by holding town hall meetings at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, they would eliminate most of the opposition who have jobs and pay taxes.

What was forgotten is that the Gray Panthers wake up at 5 AM and are just getting loose by about 10 AM with a couple of pots of full-on cafinated coffee. It's their energy that carried the protest movement through the summer. It's their voting block that made the Democrats and their media wing at ABC/CBS/NBC reluctant to go after them harder than they did.

One of my favorite Gray Panthers.

A really old guy breaks down with emotion.

9-12. Ordinary Americans doing what they have always done best. Where do we go from here?

Watch the crowd build. Amazing video.

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