Monday, September 7, 2009

Paint The Town (Venice) Red: Firsters Rail Against Capitalism

UPDATE: A picture of the lovely couple. Chavez blows kisses while Oliver Stone...naw that's just too easy.

Looking at the headlines from the Venice Film Festival, its hard not to notice the strong anti-capitalist theme throughout. Hollywood's favorite dictator, Hugo Chavez, is there and he brought his personal media consultant, Oliver Stone, with a fresh "documentary" about the beloved leaders "great life story."

Up on the screen, its Michael Moore's latest, "Capitalism, A Love Story."
A 2 plus hour scab picking exercise that concludes "Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil."

Taken as a whole, this Venice Film Festival looks like a gussied up political rally for Hate America Firsters...or just Firsters.

As the master scab picker, Moore has gutlessly picked subjects that play to his Firster base. Why not examine the horrors of political repression by modern-day dictators or the treatment of women in Muslim countries. Instead Moore chooses to make films that come across as being made by an overweight, hormonal teenager who is angry at a slightly overbearing father. Good thing for him he keeps choosing his father subjects well, because the really evil ones cut peoples throats, or worse - disinvite you to those fabulous Hollywood parties with the 10 count shrimp.

And how about ol' reliable, Oliver Stone. His "documentary" plays like a pre-teen girls' love letter complete with XOXOXO and a Hello Kitty stamp. Stone, the Lion of Hollywood Firsters, lovingly presents Hugo's story as Venezuela's "peaceful revolution" since Chavez came to power in 1998: that "he(Chavez), who grew up in a peasant family, is an emblematic figure of bottom-up change."

I guess being a Firster is like living a life of a perpetual child: you know where the dangers are and are able to avoid them while living at home and complaining about Dad.

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