Monday, May 25, 2009

Garrett "Teddy" Townsend A Hometown Hero

I grew up not far from Teddy. I know the street where he saved a 7 year old boy from certain death. I didn't know Teddy personally, but I know who and what he is all about. I know him because these people were my neighbors growing up. From the Detroit Free Press

Garret Townsend, 58, died shortly after rescuing the 7-year-old boy, who had fallen into approximately 10 feet of water in a pit that had been dug for a new home's basement on the 3900 block of Miracles Boulevard.

Teddy didn't know how to swim. But I know there wasn't a seconds-worth of hesitation when he looked around and saw that he (and his life) was the only thing between that kid and a muddy grave.

Here is a picture of the pit after it was drained this morning.

The orange construction (snow) fence was added when they drained the pit.

Teddy's wife and daughter must know that his sacrifice was just part of his character. I know they won't ever be comforted, but he would not have wanted to live if he hadn't saved that child. That part of him that compelled him to jump into the dark water, was a big reason you loved him. That didn't die today.

God bless you Teddy and every one like you.

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