Tuesday, January 27, 2009

13 Sets Of Rules And One Outcome For The One

The Obama Administration announced they were going to support letting states go it alone when it comes to auto emission and mileage standards. From CNN.

President Obama signed a memorandum Monday requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider an application by California to set more stringent auto emissions and fuel efficiency standards than required by federal law.

If the EPA grants a waiver allowing California to set its own emissions standards, the nation's largest state will be allowed to require automakers to produce trucks and cars that get better mileage than what is required under the current national standard. Thirteen other states could take similar action.

A new era of States Rights!

No so fast.

Rather than take issues head-on and call them what they really are. Obama and his team play little Orwellian games with language to avoid a tough discussion.

Lets call this backdoor CAFE what it is. chickenshit. They know those controversial standards would not have passed without pissing off his blue-dogs who will lose more jobs to Japanese and Korean auto makers. Rather than make 13 or 14 different models of cars, the automakers will be forced to the toughest of the state standards. Presto, new CAFE without the headache of having to sell the nation on the idea.

Just like the chickenshit socialism being disguised as "stimulus" and chickenshit welfare being called "tax cuts," it seems this administration will be masters at the avoiding fights by selling things under new names.

It takes a willing media.

Of course it does. Without a lapdog White House Press Corps and every newsie gushing about Michelle's latest designer dress, none of this happens. Yeah, the same media that blasted Sarah Palin's nice threads during the campaign, are now praising Michelle's couture closet.

It takes a pretty damn stupid public too.

Of course all of this is obvious. Tax cuts for people who don't pay taxes. Energy independence by taxing energy producers. Stimulus via birth control. An infrastructure focused stimulus plan that spends 5% of it's moneyon infrastructure. If people are either too stupid to recognize the double talk or simply don't care anymore then we are truly fucked as a nation.

On the other hand. If the public is a mass of idiots and the media is in his back pocket, why resort to the games? Just say that paying $4 bucks for gas is good for them and let that be that. I'm not sure. Maybe there is a little nagging doubt about that middle 15% that really decides elections.

Obama is playing the cool kid saying you can do anything. That there is no limit to the money and the party will go on forever. Dissenting voices are being treated like the nerdy high school killjoy.

For now the answer is, print the money and sell the debt as fast as you can. We will all just take the blue pill and spend money in shopping malls until the government checks start to bounce.

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