Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"White Male Worker" Is The New N Word And The New Segregation Era

Robert Riech had a Freudian slip and almost no one noticed. But for those of us in the struggle, we hear the code talk. We know what you mean when you say "white male." Because you say it like a dirty word and then say you "got nothin' aginst us."

Tell me Obama, is this stimulus plan separate but equal?

Instead of separate bathrooms and drinking fountains, "white male workers" get separate government programs. We have to ride in the back of the new economic bus.

As explained, there are many ways to keep that damned dirty white males from filthying up the stimulus plan. "We" can have conditions or criteria that will exclude those who have worked hard to become "skilled."

Maybe if I tell 'em that my Grandma was Ethiopian?

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