Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays: RIP

Hat tip Bill, via

There won't be wall to wall coverage for Billy Mays. There probably won't be many "best of oxiclean" clips on cable news. But another king died today. The King of Pitch was only 50 years old and had plenty of time to surpass Ron Popeil as the greatest of all time.

Dismissed early in his career as a Bluto-like blusterer with no staying power - Billy showed them all he meant business when followed up the Orange Clean with Oxi Clean. And who could forget the kaboom! success in sweaty late night appearances on the Home Shopping Network. Heady days those...

Like Barry Sanders retiring too early, the passing of Billy Mays leaves us with a massive hole in "as seen on TV" advertising.

Sham-Wow guy, you have some mighty big shoes to fill.

Billy, you made me stop surfing a few times when almost no one else could have.

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