Friday, June 26, 2009

The Curious Case Of Brooke Greenberg

She is 16 (see below in the arms of her younger sister), has the body of a 3 year old and still can't speak. Broke Greenberg still has baby teeth but her bones are like a 10 year old. Does she have the fountain of youth gene?

...doctors are hoping to use Brooke's case to figure out the genetics behind aging. Dr. Richard Walker of the University of South Florida and geneticist Maxine Sutcliffe believe that Brooke has a genetic mutation that prevents her from aging. They are hoping to isolate the gene to figure out how it is that humans age.

"Without being sensational, I'd say this is an opportunity for us to answer the question, why we're mortal, or at least to test it," Walker told ABC. "And if we're wrong, we can discard it. But if we're right, we've got the golden ring."

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