Saturday, July 18, 2009

5th Child Molested At Orlando Area Waterparks This Summer

FoxNews has the latest incident.

David Eugene Thomas was being held without bond Friday at the Orange County Jail after he was charged with molesting a 13-year-old boy at Walt Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon.

The other incidents occurred at Typhoon Lagoon, Sea World's Aquatica park and Universal's Wet 'n Wild park.

This could be nothing more than a cry for universal health care or hate crime legislation, but let's assume for a minute that this is a trend. Let's also assume that most of these subhumans are doing this and not getting caught.

I think it's fair to extrapolate this data and conclude that molestations are happening every single day at those parks and the vast majority go unreported. I'll explain below.

According to the RAINN center, adults report only about 40% of rapes and assaults. Adults.

For child molesters, the FBI estimates that only 3% of the bastards will be caught and that only 5% of the incidents are reported.

Using that data, these 5 incidents probably represent approximately 100 assaults this summer. Given that we are about 60 days into the summer season for these parks, it's a reasonable conclusion that this is an everyday occurrence.

It appears that these reports are not sounding the serious alarms that it should. I assume that a little judicious police profiling would prevent these worthless bastards from operating at these parks. It just doesn't seem that there is a high enough level of concern, and given the recent history in Florida, that is outrageous.

I am not willing to search for NAMBLA-esque chat rooms for more evidence, but this seems like a trend that has a purpose behind it and Orlando police better put some resources on this immediately or another tragedy is certain.

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