Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Science Bi-czar: Obama's New Science Czar's Book Promoted Forced Abortions and Sterilizations

From the IBD:

Our new science czar, John Holdren, once backed compulsory sterilization and forced abortion as part of a government population-control program. The only thing missing was a Soylent Green recipe.

In a recently rediscovered 1977 book, "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment," ...Holdren, (Science Czar) revealed his views on all three topics. They are disturbing.

On page 837, Holdren writes "it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society."

So our new Science Czar turns out to be another leftist lunitic that looks to communist China for policy making and has no regard for the constitution. Sounds like his boss.

Overproducing children? On the next page, Holdren asserts that "neither the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution mentions a right to reproduce."

On page 943, Holdren proposes "a comprehensive Planetary Regime (global constitution) could control the development, administration and distribution of all natural resources ... not only in the atmosphere and the oceans, but in such freshwater bodies as rivers and lakes."

Hmmm, where have we heard that before? Kyoto? Cap and Trade?

This guy takes the "blame America first" mantra to new heights. Let's just call it "blame humans first."

What is this, the 55th Czar Obama has appointed? I think that is ridiculous, but we did see what happens when you only have one... I wonder if he calls Michelle his little Czarina. Or maybe she calls him that?

Either way, Obama is acting like he will either be a Czar in 2113 or retired.

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