Saturday, July 5, 2008

10 Taliban Die From Premature Detonation

This story is from the AP, so note that Taliban terrorists planting roadside bombs are referred to as "militants" or "fighters."

Militants planting a roadside bomb detonated the device prematurely, killing 10 Taliban, said police chief Mohammad Hussein Andiwal.

The fact one bomb killed so many men appears to reflect the increased size of bombs Taliban fighters have been using in recent months. The bigger bombs — long used in Iraq but a fairly new phenomenon in Afghanistan...

No, the fact that so many men were killed reflects what giant morons they are...everybody knows Blockbuster Bombs don't go off unless you hit them "just right." That's a Bugs Bunny reference (see below). By the way, does this still qualify for the virgin thingy or is That All Folks?

Anyway, nice job AP; don't mention that these bigger bombs are mostly made in Iran and the success of the surge in Iraq is the reason they are showing up in Afghanistan.

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