Thursday, July 17, 2008

Morning Wood: 'Beast' Man Jailed for Possessing 31,000 Animal Porn Images

A Tasmanian computer technician who considered himself a beast has been given a suspended jail sentence after being caught possessing bestiality images.

Rodney Scott McLagan, 48, of South Arm, today was sentenced after pleading guilty to possessing 31,000 illegal images, most involving human female sex acts with dogs, ponies, snakes, tigers and an octopus.

I usually draw the line with mammals. Turns out Rodney is a multitasker - he's into child porn as well.
Although 30 per cent of the total images involved child pornography, Hobart Supreme Court Justice David Porter today said only 20 per cent of those were actually viewed by McLagan.

"Your interests lie in the bestiality material," Justice Porter said in sentencing today.

McLagan's lawyer David Barclay told the court that his client had little or no interest in child pornography, and no relevant prior convictions.

Guys have tried that "my interests lie in the articles and not the naked women" line for years. I know my wife doesn't buy that shit.
Justice Porter said: "It also emerges from the report that you are particularly self-conscious about your teeth".

"One of the consequences of all of this in your case is that you equate yourself with a beast, reflecting the level of your self-esteem.

"It is that which motivated your accessing the material you did."

Sounds like Porter enjoyed pouring over the 31,000 images.

Time to clear the pallet.

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