Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Morning Wood: Country Music People Will Accept Almost Anyone

Except Jessica Simpson. The folks in Kenosha were not buying what she was selling. She was booed when she walked on stage, even though she was sporting her Daisy Duke outfit.

OK, her first song wasn't very good. And she is a bit of a poseur. Admit it guys, you booed to impress your jealous girlfriend.

From the Kenosha News

"I just don't hear the country in her; I don't hear the twang. She's not good enough to be here," said Adam Matos, 21, from Arlington Heights, Ill.

One man summed her performance up in a single word.

"It's crap," said Ryan Sia, 28, from East Troy. "She doesn't belong here."
That's two words Kenosha, but whose counting.

Adam...Ryan. Until further notice, consider your mancards pulled.

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