Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Winner

So David Cook wins by 12 million votes. The other David (Archuleta) can thank his asshole father for second place. Because right now, the only thing America hates worse than President Bush is Nancy Pelosi. And after that, they really hate overbearing stage-dads that wear English driving hats. Sorry lil' David, your squinty eyed troll act just wasn't enough to overcome the fact that America also hates Danny Bonaduce - a lot. And like that other famous Mormon, Mitt Romney, Archuleta was probably better than the competition.

Read more about that stage-dad at this link.

All of which leads me to the "other" American Idol known as presidential politics. Why not have a two day phone in thing and be done with this shit now. If Simon and Paula can whittle down 4 stadiums of contestants in a mere 5 months, I think we could do this president thing in something less than 3 fucking years.

To sum up, there were no real stars this season, just a bunch of really good karaoke. NOW THIS is talent.

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