Friday, May 30, 2008

Morning Wood: Friday

Girls or Guys? Jenna Jameson Sets the Record Straight on Her Sexuality

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LOS ANGELES — Jenna Jameson made a career for herself doing some daring deeds for the cameras, but despite earlier claims of being bisexual, it turns out that there is one thing the former porn princess won’t do — and that’s root for the other team.

"I just got a text from one of my friends on my way over here saying that she wanted to go to bed with me," a disillusioned Jameson told Pop Tarts at last week’s Maxim "Hot 100" bash. "I think one of the big misconceptions everyone — even my friends — have of me is that I’m gay, but I am really not. I’m totally hetero."

Jameson retired from the X-rated industry last year and has since moved into mainstream acting — but she says it's been a struggle to prove herself.

Her first non-porn flick "Zombie Strippers" received a limited release in April and, well, didn’t exactly bust any box-office records.

In keeping with my efforts to take things one step further (too far), here is the trailer for Zombie Strippers. I just can't imagine why guys wouldn't want to see a movie where they get their dicks ripped off by...zombie strippers. Sounded like a franchise to me.

If you want to make a movie guys will watch, the Zombie Strippers need to impart super sized sexual powers when they bite guys on the cock. Dick triples in size and turn average Joe into a sex monster when he gets an erection. BUT...with a downside. Maybe every woman woman you have sex with also turns into a zombie stripper, complete with fake boobs and shitty attitude. Just my take, but that's why I'm not in Hollywood.


  1. From the looks of your "morning wood" section, you like the brainless, fake-boob, shitty attitude kind of whore (opps I mean zombie stripper chick).

  2. The problem with whores is that they are....whores