Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stop Collaborate and Listen

Obamas church is back with a brand new edition. Same blame whitey first rap with a new sweating guy ape-ing around the stage. Pfleger. Ugh. He plays Al Jolson with that Dennis-the Menace-dad hair cut (no I won't bother googling Dennis the fucking Menace) and totally pflames as a fake black preacher. Those people in the pews didn't even know they were being mocked by the fucking idiot.

This is some cringe-inducing stuff here. Obama's church plays like a wacky sitcom - just like his crypto marxist populism rap.

OK that's a bunch of cultural references. First Al Jolson

Now for a little Vanilla Ice.

And finally Pffffleger himself. You decide who the biggest clown is after comparing these pricks.

Fuck it. Here is Dennis the Menace (dad) so you guys get the hair reference.

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