Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cheerleaders Ditch Skimpy Uniforms After Complaints...Yeah Right

AP headline - Cheerleaders Ditch Skimpy Uniforms After Complaints From Fans.

The headline seemed like bullshit because there were no references to "Christians" or conservative parent groups. AP just doesn't publish a story like this unless they can do a little conservative bashing along the way. You know, the payoff.
Less than a month into the football season, the Idaho Vandals are undergoing another makeover after spectators complained that cheerleaders' uniforms were flashing a little more than school spirit.

After the football team dumped the school logo from the buttocks of their new pants, the university in Moscow got complaints that new two-piece cheerleader uniforms were too skimpy.

When reading this a little closer, I think we see what happened.
The previous uniforms didn't flatter every member of the team, and some girls said their outfits were uncomfortable, Robson said.

"Girls are just bigger these days, not everybody's a size zero," Robson said. "We're not being a bunch of prudes."

So it was the "bigger girls" on the squad who complained. Of course you know when someone starts talking about big girls, I'm going to break off into a Jame Gumb riff.

And this is what everyone was complaining about? I guess it sort of warms the heart that we can get a cheerleading uni story without any references to church-goers.

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