Monday, September 29, 2008

Updated: Melamine: It's What's For Breakfast AND Dessert AND Just About Any Other Damn Thing Remotely Associated With China

Melamine is a compound that when combined with formaldehyde produces a very durable plastic so you know it is probably not a healthy food additive. Leave it to those inventive Chinese to use Melamine to boost the "protein" values for watered down food products. That lead to the pet food crisis of 2007 and helped reduce the carbon footprint of the western hemisphere. For reals.

Reports coming out of China indicate that they figured out a backup plan for all of that melamine they can no longer ship to us in dog food: baby formula. Once ingested by infants, melamine can cause kidney stones and chronic or frequent ingestion leads to kidney failure and death. Don't let it be said the Chinese don't take global warming seriously.

With 53,000 reported cases of poisoning and the likely total much, much higher; the Chinese have shown the rest of the world that poison and kill is MUCH more effective than cap and trade.

Singapore said Sunday (AP) that it had found traces of melamine in another Chinese-made dairy product, milk-based White Rabbit brand candy.

I didn't know that the Chinese had such a taste for irony. Well played.


Update: Kraft, Mars Investigating Claims of Tainted (with Melamine) Oreos, M&Ms...mostly in Asia. But still...

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