Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Accountable America: The Best We Can Do Until Mind Control Chips Can Be Implanted

Accountable America. This is an organization founded on the ideal that threatening people who donate to political parties or causes makes for nicer public discourse as we "come together" under a new regime of change and authoritarianism.

They call themselves a "non-partisan" group trying to help manage the discussion of issues important to this country. They feel that there is just too much discussion going on out there that could end up spoiling the "big coming together with a single voice" movement. For these folks, dissenting voices are just...not American any more. We have to save the world and debating the methods is going to slow things down too much. Of course they are not non-partisan, as their website shows, they state they are dedicated to getting democrats elected across the country.

Accountable America has sent warning letters to thousands of people who have committed the awful act of supporting conservative thinkers, causes, and even (gasp) conservative politicians. Hell, even liberatarians have been targeted due to their nasty little habit of pushing for less government interference.

A slush fund has been established that offers $100,000 to anyone who can dig up dirt on the selected list of political donors (known as targets) who have not been through the re-education camps...yet.

Here is a copy of the letter warning people about their unclean donations.

Fuck you Accountable America, fuck you.

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