Thursday, August 14, 2008

Training Day: Part II

If you have seen the movie "Training Day" then you know part of the plot involves a new recruit(Hawke) forced into taking drugs to show that he was "all in" with his street-wise partner (Denzel).

A cops wife in Beaumont Texas claims her husband was encouraged to prove his chops in a massage parlor sting.

Tracy Breiner said her husband was just following orders when he had intercourse with a woman while investigating two spas for reports of prostitution, according to the Beaumont Enterprise.

Officer Keith Breiner maintains that the Beaumont Police Department asked him on April 1 to perform sex acts as part of the undercover investigation. He also says that every time he engaged in sexual activity in the investigation he documented in reports and received no objection from the department, the Beaumont Enterprise reported.

That cops story may not hold up, but Training Day was pretty good and still worth watching. I love that 1979 Monte Carlo.

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