Friday, August 22, 2008

Mexican Government Worries About Returning Illegals

Illegals are returning to Mexico. The economy and immigration crackdown are cited as major factors. The problem?

Mexican President Felipe Calderon plans to help returning nationals by providing food, medical care and temporary shelter if needed. But reports are already out in Mexico that the large number of illegal immigrants returning home could drive down wages and put pressure on social services...

So where have we heard these concerns before? That's right. Many Republicans had those same concerns and if they dared to express them, Juan Hernandez and the open borders crowd screamed fascists, heartless, cruel, genocide!!!...and the list went on and on.

This is the second tasty bit-o-irony I've posted about the Mexican government in two weeks. Not to mention that the Mexican government has never entertained reciprocal rights for US citizens entering their country - legally or illegally.

I'll be curious to see how long it takes the AP to write a sob story about the condition of the Mexican government now that "Remittances" (money immigrants send home) are drying up. Somehow I'm sure it's our fault somehow.

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