Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not Again!

The cops bought the wife's story. Why not? It sounds so plausible.

Man Dies After Falling on Butcher Knife While Trying to Get Kids Out of Locked Car.

22-year-old Miguel Angel Rivera Lemus died Sunday afternoon after he grabbed a knife to try to get his two young children out of a locked car.

Lemus and his wife had dropped by their apartment briefly before planning an errand when they realized they had locked their children and keys in the car.

The woman searched for spare keys while Lemus grabbed a large butcher knife he hoped to use to pry open a window. Lemus fell down six stairs and landed on the knife.

The woman got the children out with the spare keys.

Pry the window open with the knife? I'm not buying that for one minute. They dropped by the apartment briefly...if there is that big of a rush to get the kids out a guy grabs a brick or a hammer. The misses has the apartment key but not the car key, and then calmly finds the car key AFTER her husband has killed himself?

I'm betting that Mrs. Lemus will have some more 'splanin to do.

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