Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Beautiful Trap

In nature, the most dangerous things often come in attractive packages that the intended victim just...can't...resist. So too in politics.

In the minutes after the Sarah Palin announcement, the Obama camp and the leftist media reflexively spewed a litany of criticisms exposing a soft-core sexism, bordering on misogyny. McCain didn't pick this lady to attract female voters, he picked her so you idiots would drive them away with your unhinged attacks.

McCain chose a VEEP running mate that has experience, but she lives and works in a state that rarely makes national news - unless it serves a MSM narrative. So her experience and successes are not well known. This invites the Obama campaign to complain about her lack of experience. Again, the resulting discussion is a trap that exposes the primary weakness of Obama.

Finally, this entire discussion has taken some of the most crucial days of the Obama campaign away from him and blunted any momentum he had when he left Denver. I am not sure that the Obama team could have resisted Sarah Palin, but I am certain they are worse off for taking the bait.

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