Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Book Review: Makers and Takers... by Peter Schweizer

Peter Schweizer has elevated the national debate again. Rising above the he-said/she-said din of cable news debates, Peter has produced a well-researched and fascinating analysis of the psychology that is inherent in liberalism. As in his last book Do As I Say..., Peter avoids the name calling and bitter politics that seem to be part of almost every discussion.

By reviewing scores of peer-reviewed, large-scale public surveys; Peter quantifies a pathology and redefines factitious disorder syndrome to include the type of liberalism practiced by the far left today. Better known as Munchausen syndrome, these disorders are characterized by exactly the same self-delusional and malingering traits exposed in Makers and Takers.

If Munchausen by proxy means inflicting the disorder on others, then surely the United States is the left's proxy.

If the present lurching towards the proven failure of socialism isn't self-explanatory enough, then this research becomes self evident: Those who are naturally inclined to resist personal responsibility and accountability find a happy and willing enabler in liberalism. If the primary motive of a Munchausen patient is to obtain sympathy, nurturance and attention; then the message of liberalism is surely a sirens song.

The question I have is this: If one man, researching publicly available data on his own can produce this work, how could the thousands of so-called political science professors and researchers have missed it all this time?

The book is currently #2 on Amazon non-fiction.

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