Sunday, June 29, 2008

Morning Wood: Cool New House Includes a Womb Room

With the intensity and determination of migrating salmon, men spend their entire lives trying to get back to the "womb."

Now Bill Massie has designed a new home to help men return to the origin.

Case in point...if you open the large skylight above the shower in Massie's master bath some winter's morn, you could bathe midst the falling snow.

The shower egg -- it feels like a well-lit womb inside -- is separated from the other half of the master bath by a narrow hall. When stepping out of the curved egg, you cross the hall and enter a door whose concave shape, and that of its wall, exactly mirrors the egg's curved surface --

So going from the shower to the bedroom is like being reborn...every day.

From the look of the interior, the only think missing is the phallic statue that Alex used to great effect in Clockwork Orange.

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