Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Morning Wood: The New Club Drug: Preparation H

Yeah, there are a lot of assholes hanging out at bars and clubs across the country, so this kind of makes sense.

Preparation H, the topical medication used to treat hemorrhoids, reportedly is catching fire as the latest "drug" to hit the New York City club scene.
The topical solution contains a medication called phenylephrine HCL, which shrinks the swollen tissues of hemorrhoids. It works by constricting the nearby blood vessels that surround the area. But the ingredient will shrink other tissue as well.
The method has been hailed on the Internet and has long been used by body builders in need of a quick fix for a problem area prior to competition, as well as women looking to reduce puffiness around their eyes.

But one doctor said the off-label usage of the drug is ludicrous.
"It doesn't even work that well for hemorrhoids," said Dr. Marc Siegel.


New York bouncer, blogger and author Rob Fitzgerald told that men are slathering up their torsos with the hemorrhoid cream to make themselves look "ripped."

Gents, I'm not sure that being "ripped" will help when you smell like a 50 year old guy with a bad case of piles and a nasty rash. You just know some fair skinned dude has hit the club and taken his shirt off, and those UV lights....oh my.

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