Monday, June 9, 2008

Morning Wood: Mad Cow Scares Man to Death

Korean man sets self on fire during protest of imported US beef. Check that, two guys go flambeau to protest safe beef imports. THEN, the entire S. Korean Cabinet offers to resign. The issue...fear of mad cow disease.

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea's entire Cabinet offered to resign Tuesday following a public uproar over the planned resumption of U.S. beef imports, despite concerns of mad cow disease.

Earlier in the day, a South Korean man died two weeks after setting himself on fire during a rally, according to Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital in Seoul.

Another protester set himself ablaze in a protest last week but his condition was not life-threatening, said Kim Tae-hyung, an official at a civic group that has organized demonstrations.

Let me get this straight. You kill yourself to protest something that hasn't killed anybody in your country? Now I'm no mad cow disease expert, but there seems to be something wrong here that is a little more dangerous than some funky beef.

Let's do a little google research to check out where this lies on the hypocrite/hypochondriac monitor. According to the WHO, Koreans males smoke at a rate of 67%. That number is 25% for the US. Yup, that's a 10 on the H/H meter.

I won't call Koreans stupid, but saying their worries are a bit misplaced is an understatement.

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Here's the Grade A beef without any mad cow worry.

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