Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vero possumus: Translating Obama

Vero possumus
Literally, it means "in truth to be able." Which is not even close to, YES! WE CAN.

But like most things Obama, the translation never seems to mean (in plain English) what they tell us it does.

Reducing green house gasses really means reducing our way of life to make it fair for the rest of the world.

Reducing global poverty with his "millennium act", really means increasing our poverty, which makes it look like we have reduced theirs.

Increasing tax fairness will mean a massive redistribution of earnings, from those who do to those who do not.

Increasing corporate fairness actually means massive new government control of private enterprise. It won't be any fairer, or cheaper, or efficient - probably less - but it will be under government control: which is the whole idea.

This silly seal really translates into more of his "bitter people, clinging to their God and guns" philosophy. There is a basic distrust, uneasiness, and probable dislike of traditional Americans and "their" traditions. Translating "Coming Together", looks like it's going to mean, "join my way or be considered part of the old evil ways."

For the fans of the TV show Jericho, I had to think of the "new" flag when I first saw this Vero possumus' seal.

The new flag from Jericho.

But hey, if you can get this far promising higher gas prices, higher taxes, a guaranteed depression, and a Marxist redistribution of earnings (now referred to as Obamunism) - who is going to argue over a latin phrase.

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