Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Morning Wood - Lost Amazon Tribe...a Krippendorfian Hoax!

NICE. Once again major newspapers are duped by a photoshop.

THE UK Guardian reports that "Tribal guardian admits the Amazon Indians' existence was already known," but he hoped the publicity would lift the threat of logging.

"They are the amazing pictures that were beamed around the globe: a handful of warriors from an 'undiscovered tribe' in the rainforest on the Brazilian-Peruvian border brandishing bows and arrows at the aircraft that photographed them."

And try this for some logic. "Meirelles, one of only five or so genuine sertanistas (think Krippendorf), has no regrets, arguing that the pictures and video released to the world were powerful and indisputable evidence to those who say isolated tribes no longer exist. 'Alan GarcĂ­a [the President of Peru] declared recently that the isolated Indians were a creation in the imagination of environmentalists and anthropologists – now we have the pictures.'

Where have we seen this before? Well, before Richard Dreyfuss did it in Krippendorf's Tribe. I think we saw this type of reporting in the Israeli/Lebanese conflict where the "power" of the imagery was more important that having factual stories. Of course this all dovetails nicely into a MSM narrative, so being duped is easy when you are a willing accomplice.

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