Thursday, June 26, 2008

Change you can BEE-lieve in

Michigan honeybees are back in town

After two bad years, honeybee population thrives.
This summer, consumers swarming to farm stands and supermarkets may find the local produce extra succulent, thanks to a resurgence in the honeybee pollination. Beekeepers in New Jersey say it's part of positive trend in other areas around the country.

"One-third of the food you and I eat is directly affected by honeybee pollination," said Tim Schuler, New Jersey's chief bee expert.
Unfortunately, the other two thirds of the food we used to eat is now going into our fucking gas tanks while your grandma doesn't have enough money to buy a gallon of milk.

Bee pollination was limited during the past two years because of the destructive presence of Colony Collapse Disorder, a mysterious phenomenon that killed a large number of honeybee colonies.
Hearing that Colony Collapse Disorder was ending, Nancy Pelosi called Barry Obama in a panic, worried that their election year strategy of destroying our nation before November was in jeopardy.

But seriously, having the bees come back is a good thing. Only, it's one less thing we can blame on that bastard George Bush.

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