Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hobo Hunting: Global Warming and Cleveland Don't Mix

Clearly all of this talk of drilling in ANWAR and the potential melting of the ice cap have left these kids in Cleveland emotionally disturbed.

Cars Slow to Watch as Teens Beat Homeless Man to Death

CLEVELAND — A group of teenagers beat a homeless man to death as passers-by slowed to watch the attack, some of which was caught on videotape, police said.

Anthony Waters, 42, suffered a lacerated spleen and broken ribs and died at a hospital, police said.
The children were applauded by local environmentalists, however, for causing drivers to slow down and use less energy. They see this as a potential pilot program that could be expanded to other cities during this summer. Said one, "sacrificing some homeless people is a small price to pay for reducing Cleveland's carbon footprint."

The attackers, who appeared to be between the ages of 14 to 17, robbed Waters of a music player and headphones, police said. No arrests have been made.

What they took was worth a few dollars, what they gained was a lifetime of memories and a renewed sense of community.

The image that reportedly set these kids off.

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